Webinar on Merits and Demerits of Uniform Civil Code

 Webinar on Merits and Demerits of Uniform Civil Code

Sunday 13th December 2020

14.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs

Venue: Online via Zoom and Facebook Live


In India, we have a uniform criminal code that is applicable to every citizen of India however, a similar code does not exist especially with relevance to divorce, succession, polygamy, adoption, etc and still governed by private laws. Uniform civil code (UCC) means uniformity in personal laws. Currently, the personal laws of various communities are governed by their religious scriptures. Implementation of a uniform civil code across the nation is one of the contentious promises pursued by India's ruling party BJP. It is an important issue regarding secularism in India and continues to remain disputed by different religious groups. The main objective of this webinar is to make the audience aware of the current status of UCC, discuss the arguments -for and -against the proposed change, and importantly extrapolate the practical implications of the UCC if applied and adopted by the constitution. The webinar will investigate important aspects related to UCC such as constitutional guidelines, the role of the judiciary, its implications on people with different faiths and India as a whole. The expert speakers and panelists from a diverse backgrounds discuss the topic in great detail and participate in an interactive question and answer session.

Panelists & Speakers:

  • Ms. Bhaswati Mukherjee- Ex- Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands
  • Mr. Aniel Pahladsingh- EU lawyer, Council of State, the Netherlands (ORF).
  • Mr. Jayant Bhatt - Advocate at High Court & Supreme Court, New Delhi, India.
  • Mr. Badri Madan - Trustee & ex-president, FCCI.


  • Mr. Anil Kumar Ravulakollu - Trustee FCCI.
  • Dr. Pramod Agrawal - Vice President- Programs FCCI.


Event Report: Coming Soon

 Video:  Click here for a complete video of the event.



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