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Webinar & Interactive Discussion on

Indian press and news media: Is the 4th pillar of democracy losing its credibility?

Sunday 27th September 2020

14.00 hrs – 16.30 hrs

Venue: Online via Zoom and Facebook Live


Media is like a mirror in a democracy. In recent years, however, the obsession with TRPs and paid news has reduced the trust in media drastically. Being the for-profit entity and the outreach of crony-capitalism in the media is destroying the profession and ethics of journalism. The biggest victim here, are the citizens. Ironically, they are also the culprits!

Within the scope of this webinar, we will investigate the various aspects related to journalism & news media (excluding social media) and their effect on Indian democracy. Multi-dimensional aspects such as biased news, breaking news, fake news, paid news, ethics in journalism, freedom of expression, for-profit activity, governing laws/guidelines will be discussed. For the first time, FCCI is going to hold a webinar in a completely different style. Instead of presentations, there will be a conversation, and opinion polls have thrown in for a good measure of fun and interaction.


- Ms. Satarupa Bose Roy (Founder & Editor, Indyana Magazine)
- Mr. Rajkumar Shinkar (Textile Engineer & Trustee FCCI)
- Dr. Pramod Agrawal (Technopreneur & Vice president programs, FCCI)


- Dr. Yamini J. Singh (Secretary-General, FCCI)
- Mr. Manas Manohar (Director Digital platform, FCCI)


 Complete Agenda: Click here 

 Video:  Click here for a complete video of the event.



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