Prof. Dr. P.R.Saxena

Prof. Dr. P.R.Saxena

Prof. Pramod R. Saxena is a Founding Trustee and past President of the Foundation for Critical Choices for India.

He graduated in Medicine (M.B;B.S., 1962) and obtained Doctorate in Pharmacology (M.D., 1965) with Honours (cum laude) from the King George’s Medical College, Lucknow University, India. He is the last of only 3 persons, who were conferred M.D. Pharmacology degree with Honours by this century old college. He became a Lecturer in Pharmacology (1965-66) and also worked as a Family Physician (1962-1966), before joining the Pharmacology department of Organon (now MSD), a pharmaceutical company in The Netherlands. At Organon, he contributed towards the development of drugs that were marketed as a muscle relaxant (pancuronium; Pavulon®) and antidepressant (mianserin; Tovlon®).

Prof. Saxena moved back to academia, joining in 1970 the then newly established Medical Faculty Rotterdam (now Erasmus MC), where he was a Professor and then Chairman (1990- 2004) of Pharmacology. During 1988-1991, he also served as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. He continued his research interests in the field of Serotonin and Migraine, contributing towards the classification and nomenclature of serotonin receptors and the design and development of triptans, a completely new class of drugs for the treatment of migraine headache. In 1998, he established Erasmus Pharma and was its Managing Director until 2005.

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